10 important questions to ask your international relocation movers in Hong Kong.

10 important questions to ask your international relocation movers in Hong Kong10 important questions to ask your international relocation movers in Hong Kong

International relocation movers (Moving Company) comes when you’ve made the decision to move to another country. The process incorporates a wide range of activities and if not handled correctly it can become very difficult.

International relocation can be a herculean task: the paperwork that characterizes the process, packages and luggage that need to be moved, preparations that need to be made, and the information that needs to be gathered to make the move successful are just some of the many things that anybody who is immigrating needs to know.

International relocation incorporates the support and services which you will need as you settle in a new country. These support services include moving services, immigration, cross-cultural and language learning among other things.

Moving services are required to ease the transportation of your property to the new country; there are some factors that you need to consider for this process to be successful. There are a set of questions that you need to ask when you are choosing a company to move you.

The international moving company that you select will determine how the whole process is done, the cost and how life starts out in your new location. This article takes you through ten questions and factors that you should consider, more so when selecting a Hong Kong International moving company.

1. Will the international moving company offer door to door service?

Will the international moving company offer door to door service?

To some, this question might look strange, but when you consider the hassle of moving between ports, it can be stressful, something you want to avoid during the relocation. International movers ought to provide door to door relocation services; this will save you the hassle, costs, and stress that characterize getting your luggage to and from the port.

Knowing whether this is available will allow you to plan accordingly and give you some relief as you embark on the relocation. It is also important to note that this comes with an added cost, so go for a relocation service provider who will offer quality and affordable services.

2. Does the international moving company offer insurance and what type?

Does the international moving company offer insurance and what type?

The last thing you would want is to have damaged or lost goods during relocation and cannot be compensated for the damages or losses. So, ask your moving company whether they offer insurance. Any reputable service provider will have one but that is not all; you need to establish what is covered and not covered by the insurance.

Finding out such details will enable you to choose the right international moving company, one that not only guarantees the safety of your goods but also promises compensation against loss or damage.

Coverage amount also needs to be considered since the amount needs to be realistic, it should be adequate to compensate you for any eventuality, for instance, coverage of $20,000 USD, while you are moving $ 90,000 USD, would not be adequate if the loss really occurred.

3. What means will be used to ship my belongings?

Relocation Services: What means will be used to ship my belongings?

You need to be clear on how your possessions will be transported, if you are moving over short distances, probably just across the border, a simple truck will be enough. However, in an event that the relocation is over a long distance, the more complex it gets where it will involve several means such as trucks, planes or ship, train among other means depending on what is available.

The mode of shipping selected will determine among other things, the cost and the speed of the relocation. When goods are moved from one mode to another, the chances of damage increase. As you relocate, you want your possessions to get to the destination of choice safe and in a cost-effective way of not forgetting that you need them at an appropriate time.

4. What is the duration of international moving?

Relocation: What is the duration of international moving?

As you search for an international home mover, you will notice that they have different capacities and capabilities. There are some which will deliver your possession to the doorstep, while others have arrangements up to the nearest possible location.

The duration in which the goods will be moved will also differ from one home mover to another. While there may be a set of factors that determine the duration of the shipment, an international mover who promises to get your goods within the desired time is worth considering.

A mover who offers a pre-determined moving time is worth working with us you will be in a position to plan your schedule effectively. The duration in which the goods arrive at your desired destination will be determined by the distance and the mode of transport used. Moving by land is appropriate over a relatively shorter distance; bulky goods will be effectively transported using sea or rail, means which may be slow.

Therefore, the means that are chosen will largely determine when the goods arrive, this means that as you move to get some indication on the duration of the shipment as this may affect other arrangement and by large how you start out in your new location.

5. Is the international moving handled individually or is it in partnership with other companies?

Moving Company: Is the international moving handled individually or is it in partnership with other companies?

Since it is not possible for the moving company to cover every part of the globe due to the logistic complications that characterize this industry, some of the movers work in partnership with other companies to facilitate some aspects of the movements. While relocating, it is important to ask your international home mover about its partnerships if any.

This is important because other parties will be handling your cargo and you want to establish that they will do it just as the company which you have selected at the source point. You may like the company you are hiring from your end, but the companies which it partners with may have a bad reputation.

You need to be satisfied that the companies which partner with your international mover are reputable and will deliver your goods safely and on a timely basis. Here the aspect of the adage, “you are as good as the company you keep” may not apply. Find for yourself the facts about the partners and the reputation they may have built along the way. This will ensure that you entrust your valued possessions with an entity that will deliver as expected.

6. What moving bodies or associations are affiliated to the mover?

You may be hearing about the home mover for the first time and don’t have time to dig much on it. One way through which you can establish its reputation is through the moving association or industry players it is affiliated to.

While belonging to such a body may not be a guaranteed that they will deliver as expected, it is a positive indication, since you have a place where you can take complaints and an action taken against them. It is also an indication that they play by the established rules, something that gives you hope.

The organization needs to be an established one as well as respected within its jurisdiction. These organizations normally have minimum standards that members should meet and any that do not live by the code is not allowed to operate. An organization like the International Association of Movers (IAM) is one of the moving and forwarding industry's largest global trade associations.

7. What elements are involved in the price?

Hong Kong Moving company cost

Once you are satisfied with the capacity and capability of the international home mover to deliver your cargo to the desired destination, you now need to learn about the cost and what it entails. It is important to ask your international relocation service provider what is covered in the quoted price; this helps to plan effectively. For example, is the cost of packing included or are you supposed to do it?

Some movers in an aim to save on cost may opt to pack their possession on their own. While this may save you some cost, it may not be recommended since they are issues that may arise. Moving companies with their experiences and knowledge have the capacity to pack in a way that conforms to authorities’ regulations such as custom bodies’ requirements.

You may be required to declare your shipment and with no knowledge about customs requirements, you may run into trouble. Allowing the moving company to pack eases everything. This may mean some additional cost, which ideally should be included in the shipment price. However, you need to be clear on this so that you are not given a bill that you cannot manage.

8. What materials will be used in packing your possessions?

Relocation Services: Packing Materials

While any moving company through experience knows the type of material that should be used to pack each cargo, it is important that you ascertain for sure that what is used will not harm your goods. Some of the packages may be delicate and require special packing materials.

Provide these materials, and if you can’t, ask the moving company to help in this front. When thinking about packaging materials, you need to consider the cost, their capacity to handle delicate cargo, and the environmental aspects where you want to use that which can be reused.

9. Is there a provision to track the movement of the shipment on a real-time basis?

International moving company Hong Kong: Shipment Tracking

As your cargo is being shipped, you would like to establish its status at any given time. The mover chosen should have the capacity to give this kind of information on a real-time basis. This will allow you to plan accordingly and ensure that you are at the destination when the cargo arrives or arrange for it to be received.

10. Does the mover have any problem if you want to talk to the previous users of their services?

Moving Company Hong Kong Rating

Now you may be convinced that the home mover meets your standards, but you still need to confirm most of the things you have learned from the previous customers. Find out whether they have any issue if you want to confirm the information obtained from those who have used their services.

Most companies, especially reputable movers will have no issues; if they are hesitant that’s a red flag and you should move with caution.

With these considerations or questions addressed and answered, you cannot go wrong. Your international relocation will be comfortable, safe and secure as you will have identified a reputable and dependable moving company.

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