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Relocation Moving Company Hong Kong

Our professional services tailored to your needs

Sit back, relax and enjoy household removal the easy way...


Moving home can be stressful and require special experience. KIR has a team of experts, dedicated to help with your relocation. Making it trouble-free, whether you are moving locally or relocation abroad. We are the professional moving company Hong Kong.


Personalised services for your needs

We offer a list of comprehensive services that can be customised based on your specific needs, budget and timeline. Our experienced team will conduct a pre-move survey to understand your requirements, then work from your detailed itinerary and floor plans for the move. We will carefully wrap your precious items and correctly label the boxes to that everything will be moved safely at the right time, at the right place.


For your peace of mind

During your important move, our dedicated manager will take care of everything for you and update you with the latest along the way. We also offer insurance coverage – door to door, in transit or storage – to protect your delicate and precious belongings for the peace of mind.



Moving Company Hong Kong

We offer affordable, first-class office relocation and project moves services, both locally and globally.

Personalised strategic partner for your move

Our management team will work in partnership with you to plan for your move. We will first understand every aspect of your business objectives, relocation arrangement and requirements; to ensure that we will answer your specific needs and the move is done effortlessly.


Extra protection for your valuables

We offer specially designed equipment to make sure your delicate goods and cargoes are safely protected and swiftly moved.


Sometimes you might need a bit more space to store your belongings.


Secure storage for extra spaces

We have a 3,000 square metres, fully equipped warehouse at a convenient location; that can help create some extra space for you. Our safe and secure warehouse is insured for the Security and Fire Protection, you can rest assure your valuables are safe with us.


Protecting your valuables

We also offer professional packing services, using high quality materials for wrapping, offering the highest protection to ensure your fragile and most prized possessions are handled and packed carefully.

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